I started my career working as a speech therapist and this was the stepping stone for the work that I do now. Speech therapists are trained in helping people with medical disorders relating to voice, speech and language; my healthcare background still plays a major role in my current profession. Speech therapy has taught me to observe and listen, and to be aware of my client’s personal and professional needs. As a therapist I help them develop confidence.

“A strong voice makes a strong impression” – Rogier Kappen

I worked at the Academie voor Journalistiek en Voorlichting in Tilburg in the Netherlands where I started my specialization in news broadcasting, in other words radio and television presenting. In the more than 12 years that I worked at the Academy, I truly enjoyed teaching young, talented journalists; the people who today we see and hear on national TV and Radio every day.

“Rogier’s coaching has made me more aware of my own performance, the way I come across and the image that I present.”

After 12 years, I made the transition to the field of professional journalism of the national broadcasting channel programmes Radio 1 News, NOS News and RTL News. At these news organizations, I work with foreign correspondents, reporters, presenters and people who have to record their own items.

Thanks to my experience working with journalists and other professionals who are required to make presentations (e.g. architects, bankers and local government officials), I went on to become actively involved with presentation content as well as form. Form deals with aspects of a presentation such as the way it sounds while content is all about the message itself and the specific audience for which it is intended.

“Asking the audience questions helps me and makes it easier for me to connect.”

My current profession therefore developed rather organically. From speech therapy, to a combination of speech therapy and journalism, to expertise in Crisis Communication, Media Training and Presentation Skills Training. However, I want to stay in touch with my previous work and I still teach young talent in the field of performing arts. I’ve done that as a teacher in Voice and Speech at the Koningstheateracademie in Den Bosch and I still do that at the Meisner Toneelacademie of Paul Dekker.

I truly enjoy contributing to another person’s professional career, helping them to step out into the spotlight feeling confident and relaxed, be it the Mayor, a stand-up comedian or a press officer.