Presentation Skills Training

Do you sound enthusiastic when speaking about your company, your product or your approach? How do you perform when addressing a group of people; do they listen to you? What would be the right presentation technique for you? How do you interact with your audience? These are all questions that we will address and practice, as in a ‘dress-rehearsal’.

  • Situation

    I have to make an important presentation for my company. Being in front of a large audience scares me to death. How do I give an engaging presentation? My boss believes that I need help with the way I present. These are the types of questions that I get on a regular basis.

  • Approach

    When is your presentation, what is the topic and who is your audience? These are key questions in preparing for the presentation. What is my message, what do I want to achieve with my presentation? By answering these questions, a story will unfold. We will then take a look at the format. Will you be using visual aids such as PowerPoint or film footage, or will you be facing your audience with nothing more than a convincing story? A good public speaker will interact with the audience through questions and will interlace their story with relevant practical examples.

    During the training sessions, you will learn about the building blocks of an engaging presentation and how to implement these. We will record your presentation so you can review your own performance (posture, breathing, voice and articulation). We will listen to the sound and clarity of your voice and check if it reflects enthusiasm. And we will address all these aspects of the voice and I will give you points for improvement.

  • Outcome

    You project self-confidence and can tell a convincing story, a story that has a beginning, a middle and an end. You are interactive. You are aware of your body language and appearance in front of a large audience and know how to play with it.