Media Training

Do you have regular dealings with the press? Does your Communication Department often receive requests to give an explanation in front of the camera? If this is the case, it is useful to know how journalists operate and understand the needs of news organizations. Which information are they seeking? During the Media Training, we will rehearse practical situations in front of the camera with a microphone and with the aid of a well-known journalist. This way, you will learn to respond to the critical approach of the journalist in a relaxed and open manner.

  • Situation

    The question is: Ensure that all the managers of an organization know what they have to do in the event of media interest. How do journalists operate and how can you prepare for this?

  • Approach

    Together with a well-known journalist and a cameraman, we will simulate real-life situations on the basis of ‘near miss’ case studies. We will rehearse the various methods that a member of the media might use. We will rehearse realistic situations such as radio interviews, short quotes for news items, extensive background newspaper articles, one-on-one telephone interviews with local news channels, and TV talk show interviews.

    During the training sessions, we work with a theory folder and use interesting examples of real-life situations. We will record everything, play back the recordings and discuss the do’s-and-don’ts.

    Every client will receive feedback and advice at the end of the training session.

  • Outcome

    You know how to deal with the sometimes difficult questions that a journalist might throw at you. You are ready to speak in front of a camera and you are able to handle any situation that comes your way when talking to the media: the stream of questions, flashing lights, microphones being thrust in your face. You know how to keep your cool and how to answer questions calmly and confidently.