When a crisis happens in your organization or company, you and I will quickly gather all the facts. What exactly has happened? What can you tell the press? I will help you put together a proper statement, which you can present to the press immediately.

In this process my main qualities are the ability to stimulate, motivate and enthuse. I will let you see, hear and feel how you can enhance your personal communication and presentation, even under pressure.

I started out as a speech therapist. Later in my career I was a teacher at the Academie voor Journalistiek en Voorlichting (Academy for Journalism and Information) in Tilburg, where I taught Speech Therapy and Presentation Skills. At the Academy, I supervised the students who graduated in the fields Radio, Television and Information, the ‘broadcasting professions’.

It was there that my fascination with the spoken word evolved and the connection with Presenting, Media Training and Crisis Communication was easily made. Thanks to my work at the Academy, I was invited to come and do the same in Hilversum at the national channel programme NOS Journaal Radio 1 and the commercial channel programme RTL Nieuws.

Rogier says exactly what he means. Thanks to his instructions, you immediately experience improvement.

Now I know how to make an interactive presentation at short notice.

Thanks to Rogier’s thorough preparation, I felt very sure of myself and was able to answer all questions posed by the journalists.