Please call me for help any time, day or night, when a crisis is breaking in your organization.

I will let you see, hear and feel how you can boost your presentation, even under pressure.

I enjoy helping people to step into the spotlight and be as relaxed and confident as possible.

I will take you through the process with a fine-tooth comb to prepare you for any question that a reporter might spring on you.

Breathing is the motor of your voice.

In the event of a crisis, getting the information out is key; you need to start communicating immediately. It is essential that you work quickly and gather all the facts so you are ready to answer the first questions by reporters. In such cases, I can support you in the way you convey your message.

So what do you say, what information do you leave out? Which strategy will you use to keep the damage down to a minimum? You have to realize that a crisis has a major impact on the organization, your employees and your company’s credibility. I can further provide you with Media Training, Presentation Skills Training and Voice & Speech Coaching to support the crisis communications.